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Stirchley ghost tables

Our local hospitality industry has had to make a lot of changes due to Covid-19 and social distancing, and with the latest round of announcements making things even more difficult, we wanted to find a way to help.

And so, with spooky season on the horizon, we’ve set up a very simple thing where we’re asking people if they’d like to reserve a ‘ghost table’. For a suggested donation of £10 you’ll book one of the tables lost to ensure drinking establishments in Stirchley comply with social distancing rules due to Covid-19.

Basically, you’re supporting your local independents by putting your money where you can’t be.

We wanted to focus on the smaller, independent venues in Stirchley who will feel the impact of these new changes the most, those that are predominantly drinks-led: Cork & Cage, Couch and Wildcat. With Birmingham being restricted to household-only drinking and dining, gone are the beers or cocktails with friends and that is going to have yet another massive impact on an already struggling industry. We’d still recommend going to these places, and all the other lovely drinking and dining establishments in Stirchley too, by the way.

Giving money to a local business without getting anything back seems strange, but these are strange times and if we want things to survive then we need to support them. Aside from a very small amount (so we can send those who donate a thank you card) we will split the money equally three ways to go to Cork & Cage, Couch and Wildcat. We’re taking nothing from this, it’s not something we want to benefit from, we want to find a way to help. The businesses are also not involved in this either, but they do know about it.

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(please note the account is under the Stirchley Snowflake festival)
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