Stirchley Park in the sunshine


I don’t know much about Stirchley Park, but I have been visiting a lot over this odd lockdown. I usually wander in after a trip to the supermarket or via the entrance between the baths and the library. It’s tucked away and hidden quite well – I’m always surprised by how many people I come across that don’t know it’s there.

Apparently, Stirchley Park was originally created from land donated by William A Cadbury in the early 19th century. Which makes sense as there’s a little plaque in the corner of the grass near the Bond Street entrance (straight ahead from this photo).  According to Wikipedia, the park once had a competitive bowling club with a green and pavilion for the players too.

Now there’s a strange black wooden box in the corner of the park, confusing visitors who don’t know what it is. Sorry if this ruins the mystery but it’s a camera obscura, installed by local artists Hipkiss & Graney as part of their Dead Shrines Project. Find the eye-hole and see the park in a different way.

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