Hazelwell St / Bournville Lane pedestrian junction

A pedestrian refuge at a road junction, with pavement markings indicating that it is to be moved
Photo by Phil Banting

A few people have noticed the spray-painted markings on Hazelwell Street, near the much lauded traffic island with Bournville Lane. There has been some rumours that it might be removed, but local resident Scott Cooper has asked the council and this was the response…

“The marked traffic island is in line with the existing junction layout of Bournville Lane with Hazelwell Street and is not negating in any way the in place temporary active travel trial changes in Hazelwell Street.

“It is evident from the picture that marked pedestrian island is about 1.5m short of the in place temporary measures in Hazelwell Street. However, in future, if required, the traffic island may be extended further into Hazelwell Street in line with the temporary lane reduction measures, if required to make the in place temporary measures permanent.

“To make the in place measure permanent consultation with local residents, businesses, ward councillors, emergency service and other stakeholders would be required. This process of consultation and subsequent approvals, may take about 6 months. However due to ongoing issue of articulated vehicles pulling into Bournville Lane from Hazelwell Street and damaging parked cars, it was not feasible to stop the implementation of this highway improvement scheme for the prospective scheme to make the in place temporary measures permanent.

“Following successful consultation and approval by Highways, the traffic island in Bournville Lane may be extended along with other required changes in Hazelwell Street.”